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The Spectacular World of Java

Every now and then, we like to bring you what's new and wonderful in the exciting world of Java. This week:

  • Java 1.5 beta 1 has been released for mass cosumption. Lots of goodies for developers, one major thing for end users: new Ocean theme will replace the outdated Steel/Metal theme on Java, ushering in a better interface. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be much on the new Ocean theme, so, alas, no screenshots. Java 1.5's plugin seems to install beautifully into Firefox, as yours truly has had no problems so far.
  • Runescape has released a new version of its hit game. Among the new features:
    • New look and feel.
    • New interface.
    • Ability to choose between a high detail game or a low detail game.
    • Can now change the view of the game in any direction. My favorite: viewing the character from the top, but slightly down to get the 3D objects to appear so you can interact with them.
    • Smoother gameplay on the low detail version on my computer.
    • You can now choose the level of brightness the playing screen should be.

The Spectacular World of Java is brought to you by Sun: nuclear fusion can work in real life.

[(2004 April 11) .]

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