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Why we can’t have nice things

It was the magnet levitation train of the millennium. Polished to a sleek metallic look, the new Magneeto train stood on its auxiliary wheels at the station, waiting to propel forward at speeds only recently heard of and even more recently put forth into application. Passenger lines were measured by the mile and ticket profits grossed margins normally reserved for a a movie’s box office intake.

Mr. and Mrs. Lynn stepped aboard the train. “Isn’t this just going to be exciting, dear?” said Mrs. Lynn. “Absolutely. This is a triumph of human engineering.” Mr. Lynn had personally been one of the investors in the Magneeto corporation when they first announced the idea, which had caused quite a stir among the transportation community. Needless to say, he was pleased that his money had gone to good cause. They were going to be a very wealthy family soon.

Professor Alvin stepped aboard the train. He was going to Shropshire for a botany convention. He was a professor at the local university and taught the most aspiring young minds in the art of flora.

They all died as the Magneeto Train fell off a cliff.

[(2005 February 19) .]

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