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Is not “heat sink” an oxymoron?

Jark and Arvis sat side by side working. Jark raised his head and looked. “She’s going to make somebody a great wife someday,” he said quietly. Jark returned to work. Arvis paused in his work and turned to Jark. “Isn’t that a bit sexist? that the highest achievement woman can attain is wifehood?” Arvis returned to work. Jark paused in his work and turned to Arvis. “Well, I suppose what I really wanted to say was that she’s incredible but I will never have her so I can only look back on this point in time in the future and express regret that no human language can totally describe of the lost chances that I was given and that unrequited love is the worst plague upon the human condition.” To this, Arvis paused and looked at Jark, Jark’s and his face both expressionless. Except for their eyes. The eyes always betray the owner. They both returned to banking.

[(2006 February 2) .]

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