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Shakespeare’s plays updated for today’s horror and/or low-budget pornography movie industry

  • Unleashing of the Killer Shrews
  • Twelfth Night of Consecutive Torture
  • The Neverending Winter’s Tale of 5000 Deaths
  • The Two Noble Kinsmen Who Slowly Kill Each Other
  • Pericles, Tyrant of Princesses
  • The Lonely, Unbefriended Gentleman of Verona Who Ultimately Commits Suicide
  • All’s Hell That Looks Like Hell
  • The Labor of Unrequited Love
  • Henry’s Six Serial Murders
  • Cymbal and Symbols of Foreboding Doom and Terror
  • Coriol Anus
  • Tit Androgyny
  • King Fear
  • McDeath
[(2006 May 1) .]

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