The Dark Balloon

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A terrible secret guarded by golems.
A note that thanks you for being born, all those years ago.

In the dark we will take off our clothes.

He likes to work on his computer with his chest leaned forward against his arm, which rests on the desk. In this way he feels his heartbeat gently press against his arm at a steady motion of three and a quarter hertz. He likes to wear his earbuds loosely against his ear and play his top-forty indie hits quietly so he can listen to the conversations happening around him. From time to time the person working to the left of him stands up to throw trash into the can. As to the mystery of where this trash comes from given that said neighbor has been steadily working through a five-book pile of mathematical treatises for the past hour, he does not know. When he thinks about his heartbeat, it gets harder to breathe. So he doesn’t, so it goes on the list of things he doesn’t think about.

[(2011 February 13) .]

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