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They are shaping me into someone who exercises regularly.

They called me insane. They explain the adjective has been chosen for me for the ominous associations it will raise in America’s psychologists.

[(2009 March 9) .]

There was a rabbit outside my room tonight.

Rabbit at night

You’re—you’re going to have to trust me on this.

[(2009 February 26) .]
[(2009 January 20) .]

When sad teenage girls formulate analogies.

Like a teenager helping her older sister prepare for prom night, a subordinate turkey may help his dominant brother put on an impressive team display that is only of direct benefit to the dominant member. [12]

“Kin selection,” Wikipedia
[(2008 October 26) .]
[(2008 September 7) .]

A promise, not a threat.

“We’re not in the habit of going to homes and shooting peoples’ dogs,” Ellis said. “If we were, there would be a lot more dead dogs around the county.”

Police invades mayor’s home and kills his dogs with an incorrect warrant, Washington Post

Someone get this man a job in public relations. (via MetaFilter)

[(2008 August 7) .]


  • Insignificant: I think that cows were first milked because they didn’t take kindly to having their tits sucked by members of a different species.
  • Fried_Gorilla: Then I guess I wouldn’t be a very good cow.
[(2008 July 25) .]